When to use Animation

Animation is a great medium if you want to illustrate a story or set of instructions. This type of media usually has a long planning process, so be sure to give yourself time to learn the software and organize your materials. Alternatively, you could choose a hybrid approach and make only parts of your project animated. This would be more manageable especially if it’s your first ever animation. However, if you are struggling UBC Studio’s professionals can help if you don’t want to do it on your own. Contact us for more details on pricing and options.

Types of Animation

Whiteboard animation allows you to create videos that simulate drawing on a whiteboard. This is a popular instructional form of media which allows you to be creative in your storytelling.


  • Videoscribe 
    • Whiteboard animation software created in the UK. Creates scribe by using pictures and graphics paired with movement and sound. Great for creating a simple story or message.
    • Easiest to learn and teach yourself.
    • Videoscribe is free for all faculty and staff. Once you are in Connect, click the "Resource" tab, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to register for Videoscribe. You will then get an email that will notify you of more registration details.
  • Go Animate 
    • Can create narratives and presentations. Gives you access to thousands of characters and models, with even the option for lip synching your characters and voice over narration.
    • Choice of monthly or yearly subscription.

Stopmotion is a form of animation that makes physical objects appear to be moving on their own. This type of animation tends to take a long period of time as the creator must shoot frame by frame in order to give the object movement.


  • Stopmotion Pro 
    • This animation program is not overly complicated to learn and allows you to make seamless stop motion projects. Highlights include a smooth playback of 30 frames per second, the ability to capture multiple frames with one click, and customized shortcuts.

3D Animation lets you tell stories with 3D figures, characters and shapes.


  • Muvizu
    • This 3D animation package is equipped with an easy to use interface, customizable characters, lip synching, and a vast animation library.
    • PC only.

Motion graphics are created with computer software to give objects motion and rotation. Computers are able to randomize and calculate changes to transform various imagery. This goes beyond the scope of DIY, but it's good to know it exists - you never know what might spark inspiration for your own projects.


  • Adobe After Effects 
    • Industry standard program that allows you to create motion graphics with your assests and 3D effects.
    • Subscription required.



After Effects CC Essential Training (2015)

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